A blast from the past that deserves another look!

08 Oct A blast from the past that deserves another look!

This blog was meant to be a well researched and informed celebration of Australian residential architecture of the 1980’s and 90’s.  A time it seemed when the suburbs were graced by a truly unique style that addressed not only the needs of the modern Aussie family, but reflected a decided effort to gently nestle into the iconic Australian landscape without causing an affront to the eyeballs or compromising style.  This Ballater Street property in Essendon, to me,  is the epitome of all that was great of an era much maligned for general bad taste (…until the inevitable revival comes along).  Usually characterised with soaring cathedral ceilings, large open formal and informal living spaces, an abundance of glass and natural brick, this particular breed of family home still holds it’s own…especially against today’s styles that sometimes feels like a step backward to an age where anything BUT True Blue was considered a good thing…

 …In my opinion.  An extended search in the internet yielded very little real information on the topic so we’ll just have to make do with a heartfelt love letter to an architecture style that seems to have been overlooked by pretty much everyone.  If you can shed more light on this topic drop us a line!