Did You Get The Memo? Canberra is Cooler Than You.

27 Aug Did You Get The Memo? Canberra is Cooler Than You.

A whirlwind tour of nouveau Canberra last weekend had me giddy with all the super cool new everything’s.

Hotel-Hotel could have been an anxiety dream of styling mish-mash. A yard sale of gum ball machines, old suitcases, cactus, bikes and furry wire furniture collaborates into a dream space where every corner is considered, styled and complimentary of its nearby friends. A private and collective space its a total contradiction and works like a charm. It also now houses the best restaurant in the ‘Berra, Monster Kitchen & Bar.

The Kingston foreshore rises up with apartment blocks and new eateries, bars and public spaces.

The National Arboretum and Margaret Whitlam Pavilion are architectural gems in the now barren hills, but soon (ish) to be embedded into a lush multinational forrest.

Little ol Lonsdale Street Braddon; the new cool. Jammed packed with heaps of bars and cafes, a coffee roaster, a micro brewery and hipster retail.

Even the airport is cool!

Damn Canberra. Who do we pick on now?