Haute housing bought off the rack…?

22 Nov Haute housing bought off the rack…?

More often than not, modern mainstream residential architecture is criticised for it’s bland, cookie cutter approach.  We’ve all heard that delightful colloquial term, The McMansion.  Rows of identical houses that seem more suited to a totalitarian regime than a personal expression embodied within a home.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Is it possible that those afore mentioned naysayers are simply not seeing the opportunity, the blank canvas, that a newly built “off the rack” home can present?  The owners of this home in Sinvara Avenue, Point Cook provides a perfect point in prove as to what can be achieved with a little style know-how…It’s stylish, modern and possess a fairly personal identity that provides a distinct divide from it’s cousin that may also happen to reside in the same neighbourhood.