Putting your best foot second…?

04 May Putting your best foot second…?

After going through our folio of real estate photography recently, a new client asked if we would mind supplying some samples of our lower end properties.  They loved our folio of architectural marvels that are the stuff of dreams, but wanted to see some more everyday samples to get an idea of what we could do with the ordinary.  So, we handed over the not-so-fancy folio.  This got me thinking, perhaps the real test of a great photographer is to not, in fact, put your best foot forward.

Having worked in the business for such a long time, our body of work and subsequent client presentation folio is abundant with some pretty impressive shots of some pretty impressive properties (if I don’t mind saying so myself). But lets face it, most of us live in your average suburban house, not billion dollar mansions.  Subsequently, if you’re to be truly honest as a photographer, a stunning architecturally designed property which has been styled within an inch of it’s life with the very best designer furnishings, the best fit-out and a client who is willing to do whatever it takes to get the best photos is, well, pretty easy to shoot and yield great results that will have everyone cooing over your artistic genius.  The true brilliance is being able to produce work that will attract buyers despite the fact the shoot was done in the pouring rain due to surprise deadlines at totally the wrong of time of day with an angry (and messy) tenant who doesn’t want you in their home that once has been vacated and sold, will be bulldozed into history (…to make way for our next spectacular folio piece). I’m here to tell you, being able to pull that off is true photographic talent. In fact, some of the most memorable Marvelle shoots that gets eagerly regaled over beers at the pub on a Friday night is not a house the size of Highpoint Shopping Centre but some of the roughest, unloved and down right spooky properties the market has to offer.

With an attitude that every property needs the same amount of attention and care, some good old fashioned know-how and experience can produce some pretty great photos of your everyday 3 bedroom suburban we all know and love.  That same attitude can also turn that sows ear into a silk purse that will have developers and the brave semi-professional renovators blowing up your Blackberry with inquiries.

So without further a-do, here’s some new additions to the Marvelle Photography folio that would usually lurk quietly in the shadows whilst their rich, glamorous counterparts enjoy the glare of the spotlight!