Things To Do On Saturday in The Yarra Ranges

04 Sep Things To Do On Saturday in The Yarra Ranges

In the foothills of the Yarra Ranges the St Andrews Markets are held every Saturday.
Colloquially known as the Hippy Markets you can wander the wobbly dirt paths from the Chai tent to the boiled wool beanie stall in a cloud of Nag Champa.

A couple of years ago the masterminds from Lazerpig and The Grace Darling Hotel in Collingwood, set up shop right across the road from the Hippy Market with A Boy Named Sue. An inner city kinda, hokey barn, hipster place. You know the kind…right? They do an amazing breakfast pizza and I love the Suck Eggs (which don’t at all).

The St Andrews Pub is in the mix and a rare breed showing live blues and roots bands and a big shady outdoor beer patio for a pint after all the eating and shopping.

St Andrews is a funny mix of venues, and an oddball crowd but all works out nicely. Good food, good shopping and good vibes.

The drive to get there is nice too and worth the effort. Beautiful misty rolling hills, country pubs, cows, and road side fruit and flowers.

It’s a great Saturday morning, Life. Be In It, activity.

Do not forget to get a pork and fennel sausage roll from The Cake Stall at the market. It’s mandatory.

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