This Is My Church And These Are My People. Lulie Street Tavern

25 Sep This Is My Church And These Are My People. Lulie Street Tavern

I went to Lulie Street Tavern in Abbotsford last weekend for the 100th time.

This bar is probably a converted mechanic. May not be. It’s minimal, it’s industrial, it’s gritty and it’s got beautiful afternoon light.

Oftentimes food truck’s show up in the courtyard/driveway/breakdancing area, which is a godsend after several beers.

You can alternatively order from the divine Rita’s Cafeteria across the street. Last Sunday we opt’ed for this and got pizza. This pizza is good. Really good. Really really good. The stand out was The Salty Pig, heavy on the anchovy. I don’t know how they make their base, but I’m pretty sure there is a high croissant content.

For a Sunday afternoon session, this place is an absolute winner. Not only are they kid-friendly (the barkeep gave my daughter an orange—waddaguy!), but they are really properly dog-friendly, too. You can have your dog inside and off leash which is entertaining when they all go bonkers at once. I realise this kind of mix isn’t for everyone. But it is for me. Big time.

Also, free peanuts.