Tripping the light fantastic!

30 Nov Tripping the light fantastic!

I’ll admit that as a photographer I’m biased (aka, obsessed) when it comes to good lighting.  I appreciate flattering, exciting lighting themes in any instance, no exceptions (don’t even get me started on how people can live with flouros, blah). This passion most definitely includes outdoor lighting and I don’t know why more people don’t consider this, often relegating it to a utilitarian after thought.  This Taylors Hill home certainly considered it first and foremost when planning their garden and the results speak for itself.  Whilst catering to the basic need of security and being able to see when outside at night, this lighting design also creates a stimulating and exciting addition to the garden that can be enjoyed both inside and out.

Carbon footprint I hear you question? There’s been a lot of technological advancement in the humble light globe with the advent of LED lighting.  LED lighting provides all the creative options even the most fanatical of landscape designer could ever wish for whilst being gentle to the environment (and the hip pocket) in the form of efficient energy consumption without compromising on performance (like it’s elderly predecessor the fluorescent tube – you know my thoughts).

Next time you find yourself in your yard at night, have a think about how much more fabulous it could look with something a bit more adventurous than a simple spot light…